Qianye Lin and Qianhe ‘AL’ Lin
Thus the Blast Carried It, Into the World 它便随着爆破, 冲向了世界
21 May - 4 June 2021

Qianye Lin and AL Lin are siblings who work as a duo, primarily in audio-visual installation, writing, and performance. Thus the Blast Carried It, Into the World 它便随着爆破, 冲向了世界 is a three-channel video installation, propelled by a script written by the artists.

Thus the Blast Carried It, Into the World 它便随着爆破, 冲向了世界 tells the story of It, a para-human subject in a process of becoming. The story's inception is the opening passage of a Japanese comic; a ball is dropped into the world by an extra-terrestrial being and the ball takes the form of that which it is in proximity to. 

As told by an oracle narrator, It is birthed in a state of almost-formlessness and learns the laws of the world through immersion and sensation. It perceives the skin of the world through its own skin, and feels through its ears’ Meanwhile, somewhere, It encounters monsters with flesh that take away envy, nightmares, protect from evil, cure heartbreak. The monsters are the myths and legends of It*s world, and they are eaten, eat each other, and self-eat.

As with previous works, Thus the Blast Carried It discloses the artists* fascination with the cycles of growth and their associated rituals (both natural and constructed), particularly those of adolescence. In the elastic time of It*s world, our protagonist is constantly opening it's eyes, waking, and awakening to the mystery of the world.

The film illustrates these entwined and fragmented narratives with manipulated montage of found and produced footage, and a frenetic soundtrack in Mandarin with English subtitles. The sun appears often, functioning as a symbol of omnipotent time, of desire and terror, and as a life-giving and life-destroying force. Images are drenched in sci-fi light, blown out, or reduced to shadows.

Together with the fragmented, restlessly changing subject-positions, Thus the Blast Carried It proposes identity formation as immersive, sensory, and always a process of putting in relation.

Qianye Lin and Qianhe 'AL' Lin are based in Tāmaki Makaurau and graduates of Elam School of Fine Arts. Their recent exhibitions include What a Thrill, WHAT A SUCCESS!!, a one night only exhibition at Papatūnga Gallery (2020) curated by James Tapsell-Kururangi. Thus the Blast Carried It, Into the World 它便随着爆破, 冲向了世界 was commissioned by The Physics Room Contemporary Art Space in Ōtautahi Christchurch as part of Monitor 3.1 curated by Sean Kerr, Michelle Wang, and Jamie Hanton (2021).

This exhibition will only be open at night: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from sunset-8pm, and by appointment.
For more information, please contact the gallery.