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Most of our limited editions are specially commissioned by Coastal Signs, with proceeds directly supporting Coastal Signs programmes. From time-to-time we also feature special projects by artist friends. Please email if you have a question that remains unanswered.

Prairie Hatchard-McGill
Gone Coastal, 2022
plastic martini glass, dyed epoxy resin, cast resin ice-cube, dried shrimp and anchovy, tropical aquarium substrate
size: 160 x 115 x 115 mm
edition: 6 (each unique)
NZD 400

Gone Coastal is the signature cocktail for the off season, when the galleries shut, Auckland empties out, and the gallery gal turns bach bunny. 
Produced especially for Coastal Signs by Tāmaki-based artist Prairie Hatchard-McGill, this small (even hand-held) sculpture evolves the artist’s interest in the affect of glamour, culinary trends, and the habits of “girlies” to the gallery specific.  

A self-described voyeur/part-time participant of such ‘feminine’ consumption, Hatchard-McGill’s sculpture contains multitudes. Whether you are mingling on holiday, taking in seaside notes on a city workday, or awash in the fish-bowel, the glass is perpetually full.

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