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Most of our limited editions are specially commissioned by Coastal Signs, with proceeds directly supporting Coastal Signs programmes. From time-to-time we also feature special projects by artist friends. Please email if you have a question that remains unanswered.

Shiraz Sadikeen,
Geist, 2022
cast resin, bone wax
size: 60 x 95 x 10mm (installed)
edition: 6, all unique
NZD 550

1 x white grimace, cast in resin
1 x single 2.5 g Ethicon BONEWAX sealed tab

Geist includes two motifs from the artist’s oeuvre, prepackaged into a do-it-yourself sculpture. A cast resin jaw (a form encountered in the artist’s work since 2019) is paired with a tab of single-use bone wax; a material used in surgery to control bleeding from the bone.

To complete the work, both 'white grimace' and surrounding walls are rubbed with bone wax, gritting surfaces in the gallery/home, collecting dust, dirt, and DNA from their environment over time.

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