The Coastal Signs ecology page maps the activity of the artists we work with and ideas we follow...

Taylor J. Wagstaff
Peter Robinson
Emma McIntyre
May 22 Taylor J. Wagstaff, Blow Out
Nov 22 Tōku Ora Tōku Ara, Shannon Te Ao for Tauranga Art Gallery
Aug 22 Ammon Ngakuru: Weather Paintings
Fiona Connor
Luke Willis Thompson
Nov 22 Long Distance, Fiona Connor for Maureen Paley
Jan 20 Art Agenda: Tara McDowell on Ruth Buchanan
Shiraz Sadikeen
Dec 19 Artforum: Michael Ned Holte on Fiona Connor
Sep 20 Ammon Ngakuru, Cutouts
Jun 21 Crossings, Adam Art Gallery
Mar 20 Peter Robinson, Notations
Jan 22 Emma McIntyre, Up bubbles her amorous breath
Dec 21 Artist Converstation: Asia Pacific Triennial (APT10)
Nov 20 Fiona Connor, Work University
Feb 22 Contemporary Hum: Megan Macnaughton on Emma McIntyre
Dec 20 Artforum: Suzanne Hudson on Emma McIntyre
Milli Jannides
Oct 22 Affirmation, Shiraz Sadikeen for Savage Garden
Jul 20 Art Asia Pacific: Ka mua, ka muri
Aug 22 Somebody and Somebody and Somebody Else’s Elbow
Jun 20 Frieze: Fanny Singer on Emma McIntyre
Sep 20 Shannon Te Ao, Mā te wā
May 22 Artforum: Lucinda Bennett on Ammon Ngakuru
Mar 22 Fiona Connor, My muse is my memory, an archive of Closed Down Clubs
May 22 Fiona Connor, Light enough to read by
May 22 Peter Robinson, Rag Trade
Contemporary Hum: Chloe Lane on Emma McIntyre
Sep 20 Contemporary Hum: Time and Water
Jun 22 Contemporary Hum: The Way Through Doors
Ammon Ngakuru
May 20 Remai Modern Questionnaire
May 22 Matarau, City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi
May 22 Emma McIntyre, Frieze New York
Nov 21 The Art Paper: Emil Scheffmann in conversation with Milli Jannides
Jan 20 Pantograph Punch: The Friction in the Collection
Sorawit Songsataya
Aug 20 Shannon Te Ao, Ka mua, ka muri
Nov 22 Misery Business by Emil Scheffmann for Metro
Ruth Buchanan
Shannon Te Ao
May 22 Flash Art: Pour Plenty on the Worlds
May 22 Ruth Buchanan, Heute Nacht geträumt
Jun 22 Artspace Aotearoa Appoints New Kaitohu Director
Jan 01 Ensemble, Chateau Shatto
May 22 New York Times: Frieze New York 2022
Nicola Farquhar
Mar 22 Contemporary Hum: The Mouth is for Speaking
Jan 20 O le ūa na fua mai Manuʻa, UNSW Galleries, Sydney